Auto Dynamic Services is a Local Family-Owned Business that is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. We were founded in August Of 2016 by Jorge Narvaez who had a vision of revolutionizing the way the Automotive Mobile Programming Industry was structured and made it easy and accessible for all shops and dealerships.

We are the leading and most reputable local business of this kind, we also provide help remotely to many colleagues throughout the world. Today, we have 3 Mercedes Sprinters that have been carefully designed to help us service you better. We at Auto Dynamic Services believe in offering nothing but the highest quality service to all of our customers. From there, we continue to provide on-the-job training for our employees and track performance daily so that improvements can be made quickly. This is just the beginning. With Auto Dynamic Services growing at an exponential rate, and with plans to expand to Arizona and Texas in the near future, we will continue to make our services accessible and hassle-free.


From day one, Jorge’s vision was to create and grow a business based upon Honesty, Loyalty, and Quality to offer the highest grade of service for shops and dealerships. Initially his vision was focused solely on offering Diagnostics & Programming. However as time went on, he saw the need to provide more services.

Today, we offer a vast variety of services including Diagnostics, Programming, ADAS Calibrations, Locksmith Services, Training, Equipment sales and much more!

A Word From The Founder

I started wrenching on cars from a very young age, 7 years old to be exact. Everyone is young at one point and enjoy what they do but as you get older you begin to question yourself on if this is really what you want to keep doing for the rest of your life. For me the answer was no because I had already done it for so long. My passion has always been cars so I took more interest in diagnostics, then programming and saw that it was something that I was really good at. I was tired of doing the same thing day in and day out so I finally took the leap in August Of 2016. Here I am a few years later, enjoying the freedom that I now have because I was willing to take the risk and press on to achieve my goal. This however, did not come without input from people who wanted to see me fail. When I first started this business I heard so many negative comments saying that I would never make it, that my business would plummet and I would be back doing the same thing that I was doing before. A thing that I feel is really important to take in consideration is that no matter what you hear from others, go with your gut feeling and do not listen to negative comments unless you can turn them into motivation, to push you forward, like how I did.

Stay positive at all times and do not worry about money, focus yourself on delivering the best service to all.

A special appreciation goes to my wife and kids for always giving me their support and trust.

Our Motto

“Raising Standards In The Automotive Industry”

About auto dynamic services

Auto Dynamic Services is an Automotive Technology Company that specializes in Diagnostics, Computer Programing and ADAS Calibrations. We are constantly working on developing new strategies to be able to offer the highest level of automotive repairs.

Experienced Technicians

OEM Factory Equipment

Licensed & Bonded Locksmiths


Our Team

  • Laura Soto – Operations Manager
  • Jorge Narvaez – Diagnostician & Lead Programmer Specialist
  • Andres Narvaez – Programmer/Service Advisor
  • Jeremy Putinta – Service Advisor
  • Jorge Barajas – Programmer
  • Chris Fogarty – ADAS Specialist
  • Victor Villalobos – Diagnostician
  • Adolfo Guadarrama – Technician
  • Steve McMullen – Customer Relations Manager

We are constantly training and researching to keep up with the latest automotive technology.

OEM Factory Equipment

We constantly invest heavily in the latest and best equipment.

licensed & bonded locksmiths

Fully trained in immobilizer systems and key making, whether it’s a simple duplicate or an all keys lost situation. Key replacement, new car keys, smart keys, key fob, locked out services, Honda switch ignition repair, BMW car keys, Mercedes car keys and many more.

frequently asked questions

We are an on demand service. We require the vehicle to be ready for service at the time of appointment. We guarantee service within 24 hours from the time of appointment on all programming jobs.

Auto Dynamic Services LLC was established in August Of 2016.

Auto Dynamic Services provides Module Programming, Module Cloning, ADAS Calibrations, Coding, Wire Harness Repairs, and Electrical Diagnostic Services on all types of cars and SUVs.

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